History of HTML

History of HTML

A document is a plain text containing data or information. HTML is a file with Document Markup Language and its filename mostly end with the .html Extension. All the web documents on the Internet are made of HTML language. The first HTML was created by Tin Berner Lee in late 1991. Then gradually its version changed. And now in 2022, HTML5 is used to make the webpage. The most widely used version in the 2000s was HTML 4.01, which became the official standard in December 1999. At present, in 2022, HTML5 is the most common on DOCTYPE which is done on more than 90% of the pages. A HTML document is presented on the web browser(such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc).

Version of HTML

#1. HTML 1.0

HTML 0.1 was the world's first released version. The information was released for sharing in 1993. which is accessible or accessible to be taught through the web browser.

#2. HTML 2.0

#3. HTML 3.0

4. HTML 3.2

#5. HTML 4.01

6. HTML 5

Definition of HTML Document

A HTML document is a text document saved with the .html or .html extension . It contains text and some HTML tags. In HTML document content ,the start tag less than the sign(<) end tag (>) is in the middle of the greater then sign. And all HTML tags itself provides instructions for formatting HTML documents.

For example - If you want to give heading in HTML document then you can use <h1><h6> tags.