HTML Form Tags

Form Tags in HTML

A HTML form is a document that stores user information on a web server using interactive tools . A types of information such as username , number , e-mail , id and password etc . In simple words , a HTML form is used to collect the inputs form the users . This means that you want to collect some data from website visitors , then HTML form is needed .

For example - During the registration user can collect information like e-mail , address , mobile number etc .

HTML tag are created for user input . Which starts with an open tag and ends with a closed tag .

The element can contain one or more form elements .

  • <label>
  • <select>
  • <textarea>
  • <button>
  • <fieldset>
  • <legend>
  • <datalist>
  • <output>
  • <option>
  • <optgroup>

HTML form work like this -A HTML form will take input from the site visitor and then post it to the back-end application like php or ASP script etc . The back-end application will perform the necessary operations on the data passed based on the defined business logic .

There are many elements available in this such as drop down menu , textarea , checkbox , radio button etc .

How to create HTML form ?

HTML form is a part of a document that contains common content , markup , and special elements called controls checkbox , menus , buttons etc) .End users are labeled on controls form tag is used to create end HTML forms .Now it is up to you What you want to do .

The <input> Element -The HTML <input> element is the most commonly referred to form element .

For example-

Type description
<inputtype="radio"> - The radio button is used to select one of the many options .
<inputtype="checkbox"> - Checkboxes are there to select zero or more than several options .
<inputtype="button"> - clickable is for creating buttons .
<inputtype="submit> - You can create a submit button to submit the form .

Use these steps to make HTML Form

HTML Code Editor

The First step to creating a HTML form to download a good code editor .

Add Text Field to HTML Form

This defines a single line input field for text input .

Add Radio Button to HTML Form

This defines a radio button . Radio buttons allow the user to select from a limited number of options .

Add Checkbox to HTML Form

This defines the checkbox .

Add Submit Button to HTML Form

This defines a buttons to submit form data to the form-handler . A form-handler is usually a file on the server that contains a script to process the input data . A form-handler is specified in the form's action attribute .

TO make the basic HTML Form

  1. First of all download a good HTML code editor .
  2. Use text field in HTML code .
  3. Add a checkbox to the form .
  4. Add a radio button to the form .
  5. Add submit button to HTML form for submit.